Pumpple cake!

So I took a road trip this weekend to Philly to visit some friends. I’ve been a few times and have grown to love Reading Terminal Market (http://www.readingterminalmarket.org/). There is always so much to choose from that it can be overwhelming.

My one friend Carrin, knowing my love for baking, wanted to take me to this bakery called the Flying Monkey (http://www.flyingmonkeyphilly.com/). She had been talking about this amazing cake that she had been dying to try but it was always gone everytime she went because this bakery only puts out one a day.

Well, the Pumpple cake has been described as the turducken of pastry and I could not agree more. I don’t know how they came up with this concept but if you are ever in the area it’s a must try!

This almost a foot tall cake is comprised of a chocolate cake layer with a pumpkin pie baked inside and a yellow cake layer with an apple pie baked inside. It is separated and covered with a rich buttercream frosting and sprinkled with fun confetti. For more details on how it’s made check out their website above. Truly amazing 3 day process that creates an amazing output.


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