Pumpkin Cupcake

Let me apologize now for my long absence. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking up a storm as usual. I’ve actually been baking a lot more lately. Let me explain why.

I had been wanting to move the DC area for a while but couldn’t find any jobs until I happened to stumble apon a post on craigslist for an internship at a bakery. I went back and forth debating on if I should inquire about the position. All I kept thinking about was how many people ask me why I don’t bake for a living. Then I thought about what taking the job would mean.

#1 it would get me to DC

#2 I would be pursuing an opportunity in a profession that I’m passionate about.

#3 I’m still young (even though I definitely cried about turning 25 and cried harder after turning 26) and I don’t have anything or anyone holding me back. What do I have to lose?

So, a few weeks later I packed my bags and moved to Alexandria, VA to do the internship two days a week and work part time remotely for my company in CT. After three months, what was supposed to be a six month internship turned into a job offer to become a pastry assistant.

Now it has been one month since I started full time working the opening shift…aka my alarm goes off at 4:25 am…before the sun is up…five days a week…one of those days being a saturday. I would of thought my body clock would of adjusted by now but it’s still all over the place.

I’m getting nervous that turning something I love to do into a job has become work. It’s slowly making me hate what I once loved to do. It has given me the confidence to do my own side business and take more classes in decoration. At the end of the day it’s still a great experience and I’ve learned a lot. I guess we will see where this path takes me now that I’m in DC. I’ve been very lucky to have great friends here that are making it feel like home slowly but surely.

But enough of the sappy life crisis stuff and on to more important things.

Fall is upon us! My most favorite season and the best 4 months of the year filled with fun holidays, football and lots of food! It also means it is appropriate to cook with the best ingredient known to man…PUMPKIN! I’ve included a picture of our pumpkin cupcake from the bakery for your viewing/drooling pleasure. It is quite delicious if I do say so myself. I decorate this little gem every morning…at 5 am. Did I mention my alarm goes off at 4:25 AM??? It is a pumpkin batter with cream cheese frosting and candied pepitas on top.

I made a trip over the weekend to Sur La Table and bought my first cake stand and some additional fun tools so I will be making more of an effort to get more posts up to make up for lost time.


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